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re with a fair wind in a few hours." Fred was in favor of the junk voyage on account of its novelty. Of course, the Doctor was not likely to oppose any reasonable scheme that would give his young companions an opportunity to learn something, provided it did not consume too much time. Inquiry showed that the voyage could be made there with a fair wind, as Frank had suggested; and, as the wind happened to be all right and promi

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thoughts w ere[Pg 271] turned towards those important cities. There was n

sed to continue, it was agreed to go by junk on the following morning, provided there were no change. THE JUNK AT ANCHOR. THE JUNK AT ANCHOR. A Japanese servant, who spoke English, was engaged from the hotel to accompany the par

ty during their journey. He was sent to find a junk that was about to leave for Osaka, and in half an hour he returned with the captain of one. It was soon settled that he was to bring his craft to the anchorage near the hotel during

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    the afternoon, and be ready to receive his passengers and their luggage at


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    if the wind held good. The[Pg 272] servant, who said he was named "John" by th

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    European that ever employed him, and had stuck to it ever since, was

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Our Plans

Plan 1

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uring the afternoon in making preparations for the journey, as it was necessary to take a stock of provisi

Plan 2

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ons very much as the party had equipped themselves when they went to ascend Fusiyama. Everything was arrange

Plan 3

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d in time, and the trio went to bed early, as it would be necessary to rise before the sun, and they wante

g there, a s the railway was in operation to Osaka, twenty miles, and to Ki

d to lay in a good supply of sleep. The junk was all ready in the morning; and as soon as the passengers were on board, her sail was

oto, thirt y miles farther on. But Frank was seized with an idea, which he

lifted, and she slowly worked her way through the water. The wind was all right for the voyage to the mouth of the river where Osaka lay; and if they had been on a sail-boat such as all New-Yorkers ar

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e familiar with, the journey would have been over in three or four hours. But the junk was not built for racing purposes, and the most that could be hoped for from her was a speed of about three miles an

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